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Truck Driver Shortage and Possible Solutions

The United States is experiencing a shortage of more than 80,000 truck drivers, according to an estimate from the American Trucking Associations. Supply chain disruptions during COVI-19 Pandemic and increase in demand in the US have made this problem much more acute.

Some of the possible solutions are highlighted below

1) Culture Change—Owners can reduce the difficulties drivers face by implementing shorter routes. Shorter routes mean drivers can get home and spend time with their families

2) Higher Pay—Bad weather, bad condition of roads as well as increased traffic affects driver’s income negatively. Offering performance bonuses to drivers will help to boost morale on the job. Also paying drivers a percentage of each load will also boost productivity because it gives them a skin in the game

3) New Hires—Owners can help brand-new drivers by paying for their training/schooling and the cost of getting their CDL. Also, when recruiting, consider appealing to underutilized groups, such as women, for example. Less than 7 percent of U.S. truck drivers are female.

4) Making Drivers feel at Home—Getting to know who you are hiring and keep the conversation going even after they are hired will surely strengthen the relationship between the driver and management. Monthly calls between drivers and management will be very good. Every chance you offer drivers to check in with administration strengthens the relationship and the workplace environment.

Blog Released by: WULUS LOGISTICS Media Team

WULUS Logistics is a reliable, customer-focused and team-oriented trucking and logistics company. We provide reliable, dependable, ON-TIME trucking services for our customers nationwide. Across all services, our approach is collaborative, fostering communication among our team members, subcontractors and customers. As our team continues to grow, we are adding the best and brightest in all areas.
WULUS LOGISTICS believes that our drivers, both employee and contracted, are an important asset to our team. This is just one of the many reasons we set higher expectations in safe driving habits and encourage a healthy work/life/home balance and invest in our drivers’ professional growth.

We invite you to join our fleet of professional drivers.
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